Spanish CTOs Report & CTO Summit
Since you're here, you already probably know that at Aika we have joined forces with K Fund to elaborate a report about startup's technical teams in Spain and the profile of their CTOs.

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There are 46 questions in three blocks: one about you, one about your team and one about your company.

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All the data will be anonymized and aggregated. We will only use your email in case you request an invite for the CTO Summit, the event where we will present the report.

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Tell us about your unique competitive advantage and the proof points that attest your value claims.
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Concerning the team, what worries you most? *

Concerning technology, what worries you most? *

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What persistence systems do you use? *

What products do you use for the data storage? *

What platform do you use to manage your servers? *


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When was your company founded (year)? *

What's your market/industry? *

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What’s your business model? *

What is your current Monthly Growth Rate (Month over Month)?

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If you want to comment something... this is the moment!


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